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I found my thrill on Blueberry beer...

bloe fruitbeer


30% Pure Juice 

Super tasty, healthy and with no additional blueberry scent, colouring or flavouring added. 


5 star beer - BBBBB

Best Belgian Blue Berry Beer! Probably the best Blueberry beer you will ever try!

BLOE belgian blueberrybeer

Enjoyable for everybody

A flavour that everybody can enjoy. Good body, fruity and with a firm bitter. Both hoppy (beer flavor) and fruity (sweet but not too much)

Unique taste

It is not your typical blueberry beer... Perfect for summer, winter or any season you like, Bloe fits perfectly with every ocation

Made in Belgium

A unique natural beer of high fermentation, brewed in the traditional way by Boelens Brewery

Food pairing

This fruitbeer has a nice sweet-sour balance, ideal as an aperitif. With red fruit desserts or just to enjoy a nice beer, Bloe is perfect

30% anti-oxidant power

30% anti-oxidant power

The perfect drink for Summer

White and fruit beers are notable for their refreshing character, but also mainly due to the use of wheat in addition to the classic barley. It gives wheat beer its deliciously creamy taste. Try it with a hint of coriander and dried orange peel for a fresh and easy drinking wheat beer. Make your fruit beer completely irresistible!

The sweet-sour-bitter balance is perfectly fine, certainly an improvement compared to the more commercial fruit beers. Finally a good alternative for that famous Kriek. No artificial aftertaste but very fresh & fruity.

Fortunately, the sweet sweet candy flavor stays out so that the pure taste prevails. Definitely recommended for lovers of this style